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A warm fuzzy hug from a furry friend.



Bringing sunshine to kids on their cloudiest days!

Comfort Bears provides cuddly bears for children with terminal illness or  experiencing serious trauma. Having a bear to hold onto makes a big difference for a child going through difficult times in their young lives. 


Every $25 donation will place a Comfort Bear into the arms of a child facing some of the darkest days in their young lives.


Bears are provided to hospitals, first responders and community organizations who gift the bears to children in need.

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Baby with Teddy Bear

We’re on a very cuddly mission!

Our mission is to provide Comfort Bears as a symbol of well-being for children experiencing treatments for serious illnesses or trauma to lessen their anxiety and stress.


Our Vision:

  • We believe that providing children receiving invasive treatment with a symbol of comfort will lessen the stress associated with their illness or trauma.

  • We believe in interacting with children and their families in a non-stigmatizing, impactful and inclusive manner ensuring dignity.

  • We believe in collaborative partnerships with volunteers, hospitals, first responders, businesses and funders to collectively support children and their families.

  • We believe that by maintaining the highest standards, we can provide a valuable service through transparency and fiscal accountability 


7,200 Bears... and counting!

About / Who we hep

Comfort Bear
and Illness

Comfort Bears are provided to children with serious illness helping shift the child’s focus from the stress and anxiety of treatments to a more comforting experience. The bear  can serve as a teaching tool the doctor can use to explain procedures and treatments so that they are not so scary for our young superheroes.  

Rather than their primary memory being needles and fear, we hope they recall the moment they were introduced to their new stuffed friend who helped them through their challenges. It symbolizes their strength and resiliency managing, for some, excruciatingly difficult medical interventions.

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Comfort Bears and
Community Organizations

For children facing trauma from a serious vehicle collision,

child abuse, home violence or a death in the family, Comfort

Bear shifts the child’s focus from the stress and anxiety of 

the moment, to comfort. Often, the child is unable to process

or express their feelings surrounding the gravity of the trauma

surrounding them.

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First Responders
Volunteer Application
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$20 Provides a lifelong Teddy Friend for a child in need

We are 100%  managed by volunteers so every dollar donated is used to purchase  bears for our program. Best of all, your donation will place one of our loving bears into the arms of a child in need.

Introducing Comfort Bear

The 12" bears are super soft, cuddly and of the highest quality and are provided for little and big kids ages 1 - 18 years in need of a cozy hug and some comfort..

Comfort Bears are purchased wholesale through a Canadian distributor. The cost for each bear is $25 with 100% of the cost donated by individuals, groups and businesses who share our passion for this service.

Our Sponsors

Thank you to Spin Master Canada for your annual donation of 1,000 super cuddly, super snuggly Gund Bears. The children absolutely love them, and we are grateful for your support.

The Sprott Foundation, is not only an avid supporter, but also a founding sponsor of Comfort Bears. Their annual generous donation has allowed us to expand beyond what we thought possible. Thank you so much. 

Founding Sponsors of Comfort Bears 

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charity of Hope.jfif

Thank You  Thank You  Thank You

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Teddy Bear Picnic: Brantford

Team Comfort Bear

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Deb CB.jpg

 Lena Bassford

Founder and Board Chair


Nicole Martin

CHCH TV Reporter

Comfort Bears Program Ambassador

Debb Fioravanti
Secretary - Treasurer

Priya Bhatia
Donya Markos

Want to get in on this warm + fuzzy initiatve?

As we are 100% volunteer based, it best to reach us by email for additional information  how you can support Comfort Bears.


905 - 921 - 1281

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Charitable # 782530547 RR0001

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